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Jolo, Galleria, Usa Bouquets, World Class, Forever, Fiore, Fantasy, Premium, Zion, 4season Growers, Fantasy, Designer Choice; ubicated in North America.

Bogota also do sales and local.


The first one offers a only one price, also which is different for summer and winter seasons.

The second handles the daily market price. In this case, prices are negotiated before each shiping in accordance with market trends.

It is also possible to give a price per stem. This system is very useful in the case of bouquets and consumer bunches, as it comes with a guarantee that each stem of the bouquet will be helpful.

Km 3 vía la Cristalina, Vereda El Tambo,
La Ceja - Colombia
PBX: (574) 553 91 54
Sales: (574) 553 14 19
Km 7 vía Llanogrande, Rionegro - Colombia
PBX: (574) 537 21 48
Sales: (574) 537 19 76
Km 4 vía Rionegro, El Carmen de Viboral,
Vereda Las Garzonas - Colombia
PBX: (574) 566 66 60
Sales: (574) 543 08 91