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Our quality meets all requirements for export: Good size, healthy leaves and flowers as well as straight and strong stems.

- Size: The length of our stems is 80 cms. We can lower the size to 60 cms. very useful for bouquets producers measure.

- Health: Both the leaves of plants and flowers are guaranteed to be free of pests and disease.

We are able to meet the quality standards in all varieties.

To check the quality specifications or simply get to know better our product, please contact us to arrange sending a free sample of all our varieties.


The presentation of our product is in bunches of 10 stems each.However, the number of stems per bunch can be modified to suit the needs of our customers.

We use full boxes of 30 bunches, half boxes of 20 bunches and fourth box 10 bunches each.

As in the case of stems per bunch, the number of bunches per box may vary according to customer specifications.

The packaging can be done in solid boxes varieties in mixed boxes, or tinctured boxes, classified according to customer specifications.

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