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We are a business dedicated to the production and export of pompon-chrysanthemum under cover which is made respecting all environmental, labor and one of the best places for flower production, with the help of a great team parameters.

The company since in 1974, with Flores Llanogrande Florita S.A.S. located in the municipality of Rionegro, Llanogrande industry which has 5 acres, continued with Flores de la Montaña S.A.S. in 1985 in the municipality of La Ceja in the sector Crystalline Tambo to actuality has 11.5 hectares and the latest in 2003 with Flores de la Victoria S.A.S. in the town of Carmen de Viboral industry's Garzonas, which owns 32 hectares. All of them very close to the airport Jose Maria Cordoba in Antioquia, Colombia.

Therefore we have almost 50 acres, which allows us to offer high unvolumen of our flowers and excellent quality.

Km 3 vía la Cristalina, Vereda El Tambo,
La Ceja - Colombia
PBX: (574) 553 91 54
Sales: (574) 553 14 19
Km 7 vía Llanogrande, Rionegro - Colombia
PBX: (574) 537 21 48
Sales: (574) 537 19 76
Km 4 vía Rionegro, El Carmen de Viboral,
Vereda Las Garzonas - Colombia
PBX: (574) 566 66 60
Sales: (574) 543 08 91